New 330d Touring Overview

BMW – the name itself spells class. In this post let us explore the details of the new BMW 330d Touring, which is being manufactured by one of the largest car manufacturer from Germany.

bmw 330d touring

The new 330d touring is a quiet car and makes a great long-distance cruiser. Its tachometer hovers around 4600 rpm and gears changing randomly to achieve high speeds and six-cylinder baritone roaring in exultation. The motor hauls with relentless power. It is featured with fat tires hence offers better control. The 330d’s six-cylinder diesel engine is sharpest in driving. Its control and grip give it poise through the corners. The steering is accurate and communicative. The engine noise is highly isolated and you can feel it when you hit the highways.

Under the Hood

BMW 330d touring is 3.0L engine six-cylinder diesel car. The manufacturer has given an option to choose either six speeds manual or six speed automatic transmission. 330d touring engine drives at 4600 rpm and delivers about 185bhp of power. Its fuel economy is reasonable. It still gives an overall mileage of 48 mpg with a real pulling power, just press the accelerator and it thrusts forward. It hardly has any diesel rattle. There is no need to change down and the gearbox really takes care of it. If there is a change down, you can also do it yourself with Steptronic tip-shift.

bmw 330d touring

Safety and Interior Features

BMW 330d has standard passenger airbag, side airbags, ABS, 3-point center belt, Driver’s seatbelt, Belt pretensioners, Side Impact Bars, Traction control, Rear parking sensor, Electronic stability program, Reversing camera, Rain sensing vipers, Adaptive cruise control and Lane departure warning. Further, it also has the following security items i.e. Alarm, Immobilizer, Central locking, remote locking, Locking wheel nuts, Visible VIN and Satellite tracking.

bmw 330d touring

The interiors comprises of Satellite navigation to navigate in rough weathers as well highway driving with the help of GPS system. The standard leather seats are very comfortable and luxurious. The standard split seats and Bluetooth are also meant for smooth functioning of the electronic stability program. The exteriors have standard metallic paint, alloy wheels and front fog lights.


The new 330d touring’s base version is priced around £21,939, and the fully uploaded
version is priced around £36,863

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