Oldsmobile Hurst – The Oldie

The Oldsmobile product line has hosted some of the most powerful and unique performance vehicles in the General Motors arsenal. Oldsmobile in collaboration with Hurst performance of Warminster, Pennsylvania produced special versions of 442 or Cutlass supreme or Hurst/Olds. This is done after Hurst’s components had great success in Oldsmobile 442 models.

oldsmobile hurst


The Oldsmobile Hurst Cutlass was a low powered car which featured a 455 V8 engine. It is a muscular monster and created “silver screamer”. During the test by Lindemann, it looked like an unbelievable lot of fun and is the only way to fly on road. A new car called Hurst/Olds was made foray in 1979.

oldsmobile hurst

Engine, mileage and performance

It had Oldsmobile 5.7L V8 engine appeared on GM’s newly downsized Cutlass body. It was built entirely by Oldsmobile and did not use 455 engines. The engine specification is Rocket 350. The Cutlass line was split into front-wheel drive A-body Cutlass Ciera and rear-wheeled drive G-body Cutlass Supreme. A modified version of CID V8 was installed along with 3.73 gears.

oldsmobile hurst

Before being produced the Oldsmobile produced 35.2 million cars and the final production day was in April 2004.

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